Evolving Artists (EADS) provides a safe environment and outlet for its students to express emotions and to learn from their mistakes. EADS does not accept bullying or inappropriate confrontations from students or parents. Such behavior is grounds for immediate dismissal from the studio with no refunds. At EADS the students learn to respect themselves, others, staff members, and their differences.  They also learn to understand and appreciate art and culture.

At EADS we believe as educators it is our job to instill work ethic, teach dedication and commitment, as well as team work. The staff of EADS expects dancers to work hard as a team in every class to make every performance their best. We also discourage withdrawal after the drop-out date as it teaches children that it is acceptable to not honor commitments, and also lets their team members down. For these reasons, EADS does not refund money or waive tuition/recital fees for withdrawals after the drop out date. If you have issues with recital performance after the drop out date, please make an appointment and we will work with you to resolve any issues as best we can.

Text “EADS” & your name to: 412-779-7676 to receive EADS closings or cancellations alerts. CLICK HERE to log on to DanceWorks to view your account and make payments online!


  • Please do not leave small children unattended. Children not enrolled in a dance class are never to be left unaccompanied by their parent/guardian.
  • Students are not to dance in studios without being accompanied by a teacher (unless they have prior permission from teacher).
  • No running in the hallways or waiting areas.
  • If a student is injured prior to class or has physical limitations please inform the teacher so he/she knows the student’s limitations and can instruct the dancer accordingly.
  • If a student is injured during class, he/she must inform the teacher immediately or prior to leaving the building
  • If an observer is injured at the studio, he/she must inform a staff member prior to leaving the building


  • Students are expected to be punctual. Each teacher will use his/her own discretion to decide whether or not the student can participate if the student arrives late.
  • No gum, food or drink (except water & sports drinks) are permitted in the dance studios.
  • Drinks ONLY are permitted in the dressing room.
  • Food and drinks are permitted in the front & back waiting rooms only.
  • Harassment, teasing and hazing are strictly prohibited in the studio.
  • NO CELL PHONES ARE PERMITTED within the dance studios. Cell phones brought into the dance studios will be confiscated by the teacher and returned to the student at the end of the class.


  • Make-up classes will not be offered after January 1st to ensure consistent expectations for class attendance and appropriate instructor-to-student ratios. Prior to January 1st, a class may be offered as a make-up based on availability. Please contact Mandi for make-up class availability.
  • Refunds will not be given due to poor attendance. Make-up classes may be available at the studio’s discretion prior to January 1st.
  • If attendance is extremely poor, the teacher will issue a written warning. If poor attendance continues, at the teacher’s discretion, the student may be taken out of the dance for the dance recital. Costume, photo, tuition, and any other fees will NOT be refunded if a student is taken out of the performance as a result of poor attendance.
  • Please contact the office (call or email) if the student is going to be absent.
  • There will be no refunds due to student or studio cancellations as a result of weather. Please check the Facebook page or call the mobile number for weather cancellations. Also, students and parents can now sign up to receive cancellation text message alerts. (See Page 1)
  • The week of the recital all rehearsals and classes are mandatory (Including dress rehearsal). The week before competition—Team classes are mandatory for all competition dancers. Dancers who miss mandatory rehearsals may not be permitted to perform. Team Dancers who miss a mandatory event listed in the team packet may be removed or suspended from the dance team (This includes dance pictures)


  • Please do not interfere or try to get the student’s attention through the viewing windows.
  • Video taping of dances will be allowed at the end of class at the teacher’s discretion.
  • Parents/guardians may be asked to observe class if there is a problem with a student’s behavior or participation.
  • Throughout the year, Parent Observation days will be schedules so you can come into the classroom and see the progress of the class. Check the monthly calendar for details


All of the above mentioned should be addressed to staff members ONLY.
Email or call to set up an appointment to address your question, comment, or concern

Dress Code

NO JEANS Any student wearing jeans will not be allowed to participate in class. NO JEWELRY. Please visit Pinterest.com/evolvingartists (you do not need an account) to view hair & dress code instructions Tights, leotards, and dance wear are on sale at the studio. Tights: $10/each; Leotards: $15-30/each; Legwarmers, shorts, and more: See studio for pricing Shoe requirements for the recital will be posted in December once costumes are chosen.

  • Ballet: Pink tights, leotard (Black leotard for technique classes), Pink ballet shoes, hair in secure bun.
  • Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, Tumbling, & Acrobatics: Black, pink or tan tights, bootie shorts, leotard, tight fitting tank tops or bra tops. Hair in secure ponytail or bun.
  • Tap: Any tights, dance pants/capris, bootie shorts, leotard, and tank tops. Hair should be in a secure pony tail or bun.
  • Hip Hop: Dance pants/capris, bootie shorts, leotard, tank tops, t-shirts, ONLY tennis shoes that are NOT worn outside are permitted. Hair in ponytail.
  • Creative Movement: Any comfortable fitting clothing (tights, leotards, sweat pants, shorts, t-shirts or tank tops) or leotard & tights; hair in half or full ponytail if possible. NO JEANS